About Us


My story

 Absolutely Blendid was born from a deep rooted passion and interest in all things natural and homemade. Starting in my teenage years I experimented with homemade face masks and hair conditioning treatments, to herbal remedies as an adult for various minor coughs and colds to avoid other medicine. After falling pregnant with my first child, I was even more determined to minimise the chemicals and toxins that I put on my skin and in my body. After all, what is applied to the skin is eventually absorbed into our bodies. I then started researching into paraben free products which are available but with a hefty price tag.

With 20 years practise of using Aromatherapy essential oils, I set out trying to make some products of my own for personal use. Some blends of oils helped me during childbirth and others have helped my son’s mild eczema.

As with all new ideas and inventions, there were some disasters, but excitedly some gems were born! And now here we are with a developed range, ready for lots more people to enjoy. All with no parabens or preservatives for guilt-free indulgence for our bodies. 


***Bespoke products***

Do you have a particular scent you like or a combination that you don't see on our website?  In some cases we can create a bespoke product for you to help with specific skin needs or personal scent preferences. Additonal charges apply.